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Case NumberReceived DateLocationProposed development
06/01/20176 Powell Road Wrexham Dawn Redwood (T1) - Remove 4 Branches On North East Lower Trunk, Remove 2 Branches With Stubs Back To Source On South East And Remove Lowest Branch Growing Over Boundary Wall (Tpo No Wmbc 73)
04/01/2017Whitehaven Church Street Holt Wrexham Single Storey Extensions To Dwelling (Amendments To Application Previously Granted Under Code No. P/2016/0964)
03/01/2017Land Adjacent To Bowling Bank Farm Mulsford Road Worthenbury WrexhamErection Of New Timber Stables With Attached Store Room For Feed, Bedding And Horse Tack
04/01/201719 Charles Street Wrexham Change Of Use From Retail To Office

Decision Notices

The Decision Notice for Planning Applications on which a decision has been made (from 2004) is available to view and print online. Please enter the “Case Number” if known. (See notes on other ways of searching for an application). Select “Documents” to view the file and select the Decision Notice which is labelled as PLN Decision – Web.


The Decision displayed above (GRANTED/REFUSED) is that of the original planning application determined by the local planning authority at Wrexham. An "Applicant" may appeal against this decision to the Planning Inspectorate who will appoint a Planning Inspector to review the planning application and may change this decision. If an appeal has been submitted the decision box will show “APPEAL PENDING” until the Planning Inspector has made a decision. The decision box will then change to reflect his/her decision (APPEAL APPROVED/ APPEAL DISMISSED).

Please note that you will only be able to see the full detail including plans and attachments (but not any comments made) on this Search Facility from Planning Applications that have been submitted after 1st January 2009. Applications submitted before this date will only show brief details and no plans unless they were submitted electronically. If you would like to view the details of any application submitted before this date please visit our office or e-mail

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