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Case NumberReceived DateLocationProposed development
06/07/2020 Old Farm Bowling Bank WrexhamNewid Defnydd Annedd I Gartref Plant (4 Deiliad Uchafswm) / Change Of Use Of Dwelling To Children's Home (4 Occupants Maximum)
10/07/2020Sugn Y Pwll Service Reservoir Tower Hill Garth Trevor WrexhamGoscod Canolfan Rheoli Modur / Ciosk Dosio (Yn Ol Dremiol) / Installation Of Motor Control Centre / Dosing Kiosk (In Retrospect)
10/07/2020Sugn Y Pwll Service Reservoir Tower Hill Garth Trevor WrexhamRhyddhau Amod 13 (Toi) A 15 (Tirwedd) Of GaniatÂd Cynllunio P/2018/0481 / Discharge Of Condition 13 (Roofing) And 15 (Landscaping) Of Planning Permission P/2018/0481
10/07/2020Sugn Y Pwll Service Reservoir Tower Hill Garth Trevor WrexhamAmrywio Amodau 2 (Lluniadau Cymeradwy), 3 (Cau Mynediad), 5 (Parcio I Gerbydau) A 14 (Ffiniau) O Ganiatad Cynllunio P/2018/0481 / Variation Of Conditions 2 (Approved Drawings), 3 (Access Closure), 5 (Vehicular Parking) And 14 (Boundaries) Of Planning
10/07/2020 6 Pickering Court Wrexham Road Rhostyllen WrexhamCaniatÂd Adeilad Rhestredig I Newid Lliw Y Ffenestri A'r Drws / Listed Building Consent To Change Colour Of Windows And Door
10/07/2020 Units 1 And 2 Holt Street WrexhamDiwygiad Ansylweddol I GaniatÂd Cynllunio P/2018/0968 - Drychiadau A Llunwedd Y Safle / Non-Material Amendment To Planning Permission P/2018/0968 - Elevations And Site Layout
10/07/2020 1 Pikey Cottages Pikey Lane Gresford WrexhamTo Newydd Ac Estyniad I'r Garej / New Roof And Extension To Garage
09/07/202039 Kenyon Avenue Wrexham Gweithfeydd I Goeden Galch (T13) Diogelir Gan Gorchymyn Cadw Coed 254/2016 / Works To Lime Tree (T13) Protected By Tree Preservation Order 254/2016
09/07/2020The Coach House Trevalyn Hall Chester Road Rossett WrexhamCodi Swyddfa Ardd / Erection Of Garden Office
09/07/2020 Orchard House Wrexham Road Overton WrexhamDiwygiad Ansylweddol I GaniatÂd Cynllunio P/2019/0064 - Addasu Drychiadau / Non Material Amendment To Planning Permission P/2019/0064 - Modify Elevations
09/07/2020 Selantic North Wales Ltd Vauxhall Industrial Estate Ruabon WrexhamGosod Tanc Taenellwr Newydd / Installation Of New Sprinkler Tank
09/07/2020Land To The Rear Of 3 And 4 Willow Cottages Glanllyn Road Bradley WrexhamCais Amlinellol Ar Gyfer 2 Annedd (Cedwir Pob Mater) / Outline Application For 2 Dwellings (All Matters Reserved)
09/07/2020 Chantry Meade Pistyll Hill Marford WrexhamEstyniad Llawr Cyntaf I'r Bungalo / First Floor Extension To Bungalow
08/07/2020 Garnedd Stryt Issa Pen Y Cae WrexhamDymchwel Byngalo Presennol A Chais Amlinellol I Godi 2 Bar O Anheddau Par Gydamynediadd A Pnarcio / Demolition Of Existing Bungalow And Outline Application To Erect 2 No. Pairs Of Semi-Detached Dwellings With Access And Parking
08/07/2020 Football Field Vicarage Hill Rhostyllen WrexhamLleoli Cynhwysydd Stori ((Yn Ymddeol) / Siting Of Container (In Retrospect)
08/07/2020 25 Stancliffe Avenue Marford WrexhamCodi Uchder Y To Ac Estyniad Cefn / Raising Height Of Roof And Rear Extension
08/07/202059 Ffordd Glyn Wrexham Estyniad Ochr Llawr Cyntaf / First Floor Side Extension
07/07/2020Land Adjacent To Graig Wen Farm Off Brymbo Road Bwlchgwyn WrexhamRhyddhau Amodau 6 A 7 - Tirlunio, 8 - Draenio, 9 - Halogiad, 10 - Ecoleg A 11 - Bioddiogelwch O CaniatÂd Cynllunion App/H6955/A/19/3221887 / Discharge Of Conditions 6 And 7 - Landscaping, 8 - Drainage, 9 - Contamination, 10 - Ecology, And 11 Biosecur
07/07/2020 24 Bryn Avenue Johnstown WrexhamDymchwel Y Garej A Chodi Estyniadau Ochr Unllawr A Deulawr / Demolition Of Garage And Erection Of Two Storey Side Extension
10/07/2020 20 Woodridge Avenue Marford WrexhamEstyniadau Blaen, Ochr A Chefn / Front, Side And Rear Extensions
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Decision Notices

The Decision Notice for Planning Applications on which a decision has been made (from 2004) is available to view and print online. Please enter the “Case Number” if known. (See notes on other ways of searching for an application). Select “Documents” to view the file and select the Decision Notice which is labelled as PLN Decision – Web.


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Please note that you will only be able to see the full detail including plans and attachments (but not any comments made) on this Search Facility from Planning Applications that have been submitted after 1st January 2009. Applications submitted before this date will only show brief details and no plans unless they were submitted electronically. If you would like to view the details of any application submitted before this date please visit our office or e-mail

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