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Case NumberReceived DateLocationProposed development
09/12/2020Lodge Farm Borras Road Commonwood Holt WrexhamNewid Defnydd I Fragdy Meicro (Yn Ol Dremiol) / Change Of Use To Micro Brewery (In Retrospect)
11/12/20201 Tir Y Capel Second Avenue Llay WrexhamCodi 4 Taliadau (Bywa Chymorth) / Erection Of 4 Apartments (Assisted Living)
11/12/202035 Heol Maelor Coedpoeth Wrexham Newid Defnydd I (C2) Gartref Gofal I Blant (3 O Blant) / Change Of Use To (C2) Children's Care Home (3 Children)
11/12/2020Stonebridge House Road From Straight Mile To Stone Bridge Eyton Wrexham Codi Stablau, Menage, Shelter Cae A Ffurfio Trac Ymarfer A Paddocks / Erection Of Stables, Menage, Field Shelter And Formation Of Exercise Track And Paddocks
12/12/2020Glascott Castle Crescent Station Avenue Chirk WrexhamDileu Cadwraeth Ac Codi Sunroom Newydd / Removal Of Conservatory And Erection Of New Sunroom
10/12/2020Stoneyhurst Grange Road Bronington Whitchurch WrexhamEstyniad Ochr Deulawr A Garej / Two Storey Extension And Garage
10/12/20203 Pleasant View Bee Bank Froncysyllte LlangollenEstyniad Ochr Deulawr / Two Storey Side Extension
10/12/20204 Poplar Avenue Gresford Wrexham Estyniadau Cefn A Ochr Unllawr / Single Storey Side And Rear Extension
08/12/2020 Former Divisional Police Headquarters Bodhyfryd WrexhamRhyddhau Amof 5 (Draenio) A 6 (Deunydd) O Ganiatad Cynllunio P/2018/0675 / Discharge Of Conditions 5 (Drainage) And 6 (Proposed Materials) Of Planning Permission P/2018/0675
09/12/2020 Parrys Retail Furniture Warehouse Mold Road Gwersyllt Wrexham20M Monopole Uchel Ac Offer Cymdeithasol / 20M High Monopole And Associated Equipment
08/12/2020 Hillside Hoseley Lane Marford WrexhamRhyddhau Amod 3 (Samplau) O Ganiatad Cynllunio P/2020/0118 / Discharge Of Condition 3 (Samples) Of Planning Permission P/2020/0118
07/12/20201 Old School Court Ruabon Wrexham Estyniad I'r To / Extension To Roof
08/12/2020 Black Lion Inn Park Road Newbridge WrexhamCais Amlinellol (Pob Mater Wedi'i Gadw Ac Eithrio Mynediad A Pharcio) Ar Gyfer Adeiladu 1 .No Annedd / Outline Application (All Matters Reserved Except For Access And Parking) For The Construction Of 1 .No Dwelling
08/12/2020 Black Lion Inn Park Road Newbridge WrexhamNewid Defnydd O Dy Cyhoeddus (A3) I 1 Dwell I Gynnwys Parcio A Defnyddio Mynediad Cerbydau Presennol / Change Of Use From Public House (A3) To 1 Dwelling To Include Parking And Use Of Existing Vehicular Access
09/12/2020 Land South Of Pinecroft Afoneitha Road Penycae WrexhamCais I Gymeradwyo Materion A Gadwyd Yn Ol Yn Dilyn Caniatad Amlinellol P/2018/0139 Am Fanylion Graddfa, Llunwedd, Tirlunio Ac Ymddangosiad I Ddatblygu 9 Uned Breswyl / Application For Approval Of Reserved Matters Following Outline Permission P/2018/0
08/12/2020 Gourton Hall Borras Hall Lane Borras WrexhamCymeradwyn Blaenorol I Storio Peiriannau Amaethyddol / Prior Approval To Store Agricultural Machinery
08/12/2020Roft Cottage Springfield Lane Marford Wrexham Works To Sycamore Tree (Crown Reduction) Within Marford Conservation Area
07/12/2020Land North East Of Bryn Villa Lane From St Pauls Church To Bryn Villa Bowling Bank Wrexham Codi Adeilad Amaethyddol / Erection Of Agricultural Building
10/12/2020 1 The Ridgeway Marchwiel WrexhamNewid Defnydd Adeilad Ategol I Osod Gwyliau / Change Of Use Of Ancillary Building To Holiday Let

Decision Notices

The Decision Notice for Planning Applications on which a decision has been made (from 2004) is available to view and print online. Please enter the “Case Number” if known. (See notes on other ways of searching for an application). Select “Documents” to view the file and select the Decision Notice which is labelled as PLN Decision – Web.


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